Viktor Ka


Financial Media Sources

25th August 2010
Some traders confuse economic news analysis with listening CNN and other news channels that provide financial information on TV not understanding that the majority of the media sources are focused on the entertaining of the general public and simply are n... Read >

Rydex Funds

10th March 2008
Over the last couple of years the Rydex funds have become very popular among investors. The main advantage of these funds is that they allow investors to use IRA and 401k accounts to invest in bear market by using the inverse funds as well as the leverage... Read >

A Simple SBV (Selling & Buying Volume) Trading System

04th June 2007
When volume analysis is applied to intraday timeframes, it can be a challenge. What allows you to incorporate a simple mechanical system into the volume analysis process is the SBV (Selling & Buying Volume) Oscillator. This system will trigger a sell sign... Read >